by: Brad Krause /

The laid-back atmosphere surrounding spring training always provides a great opportunity for past MLB players to catch up with their former ballclubs and the Brewers had a familiar face in camp on Tuesday in former outfielder/first baseman Corey Hart.

Hart, who was an 11th round pick of the Brewers in 2000 and spent parts of 11 seasons in the big leagues with the Brewers, Mariners and Pirates, currently resides in the Phoenix area and should be around more this spring, as he’ll be assisting on the minor league side from time-to-time. That could lead to an expanded role in the future for the former Brewers slugger, who indicated he may have an interest in coaching sometime down the road.

“I’ll probably be on the minor league side a lot more” Hart told Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder during Tuesday’s television broadcast, adding “I just want to be around and be be involved in the organization.”

When asked by Anderson about his future coaching prospects, Hart answered “I think eventually.  I met with these guys today and somehow I want to be involved in a part-time role, just to kind of get my feet wet and try to figure out exactly what I want to do.  Eventually I would love to manage or coach in the minor leagues for sure, and maybe one day in the big leagues.”

With over 1000 MLB games on his resume and 162 career home runs under his belt, Hart should prove to be a valuable extra voice for the Brewers youngsters to learn from this spring.

As for now, Hart will look to contribute to the organization as his schedule allows. “Anything I can do part-time, maybe spring training with the minor league side and come over here once in a while” he said. “Just rove around and be involved a little bit, that’s something I want to do right away and eventually add more to that.”