If you’ve found us here, odds are you saw our post on the old page and came on over, so welcome to the new home of Miller Park Prospects! We’ve spent much of the offseason re-working the site, getting ready for bigger and better things in 2017 and beyond.

We’ve got a brand new look here at MillerParkProspects.net and we’ll be pointing the .com address here as of today as well, so you’ll be able to access the site from either the .com or .net extensions.

While we have been posting at both sites for the past month, everything from here on out will be going up in this space, so if you have our old wordpress link saved as a favorite, you’ll want to update that going forward.


As last season wore on, one thing Marcus and I often discussed was the fact that we weren’t creating a lot of original content. The majority of what we were doing was just regurgitating stats every day, and every post started to sound exactly like the five before it. We wanted to get back to creating more original content, doing interviews and profiles and analysis, so be on the lookout for more of that from us this season.

We also realize it’s 2017 and people aren’t always as eager to read so we’ll be looking to add some other features including video as well as reviving our podcast. I get to a lot of games in person, giving me the chance to get some video of Brewers prospects and will be posting some of that on the site from time-to-time. I’ll be heading down to Maryvale later in March for some spring training and have plans to see each of the Brewers top four affiliates by early June this year, which should provide a nice variety.

One big task we’ll be undertaking, and have actually already started on, is building a database of info on every player in the Brewers system from Milwaukee to the Dominican. We’ve got pages up now for our top 25 prospects and will be adding pages regularly throughout the season, though with 200+ players in the organization, we anticipate the bulk of that work to come next offseason.

While we have lots of ideas for new things in 2017, the numbers don’t lie. We recognize the popularity of our daily Around the Horn posts and will be continuing them this season with a few adjustments. We’ll be splitting the posts into two with a morning “On Deck” post with what to watch for that day, and then the traditional “ATH” post coming prior to the first game of the day. By doing this we can allow all of our writers to update game info throughout the day/night instead of relying on one person to crank it out the next morning, as well as allow our readers to create more conversation in the comments section as the games are going on.

Finally, the thing I’m most excited about is our new newsletter/digital magazine The Milwaukee Prospect Report, which we’ll be putting out four times a year. It gives us a chance to showcase some of our top stories from the site and combine that with some exclusive content for subscribers in a nice and handy PDF format. Selfishly, it also gives me a chance to put my amateur graphic design skills to work, which is something I’ve come to enjoy. Our hope is to have the first issue out in early April, shortly after MiLB Opening Day, so be on the lookout for updates on that as well.

As always, we thank you, our readers, for your continued support and hope you’ll make the move with us to continue following the best young talent in the Brewers farm system on their march toward Miller Park.