By: Seth Williams | Miller Park Prospects

(Note: Some of you may have noticed some activity here over the past week or so. We hoped to have everything up and running last Monday, but due to some technical difficulties, we were a bit delayed. Hopefully the bugs are ironed out now and we should be good to go.)

When I saw the news that MPP was closing up shop a few months back, I was pretty disappointed. This site was one of my favorites for Milwaukee Brewers minor league coverage, and as the weeks went on, I really started to miss the daily updates, photos and in-depth features provided here.

That’s when I decided maybe I could lend a hand and help bring back MPP.

Back when I was young and somewhat athletic, I played travel ball with the site’s owner, Brad Krause, and we still keep in touch. So I approached him about possibly taking over the site and running the show here and he was kind enough to hand the reins over to me and let me run with it. As a result, starting today, Miller Park Prospects is back up and running.

Having been a fan of what Brad, Marcus and company did with the site, the plan is to maintain it similarly, though I do have some tweaks in mind.

We’re going all video!

Just kidding.

We’ll be continuing on with Around the Horn, a daily column, taking a look around the system at the happenings from the previous day and several times a week, we’ll go more in depth with notes on particular games we may have followed.  Eventually I’d like to have two versions. A free version with the day-to-day coverage we’ve all gotten used to here, and then a subscription-based version with more detailed features, scouting info, etc. for the more hardcore Brewers fans out there. For the remainder of this season, at least, everything is going to be free and you don’t need to do anything except visit the site and enjoy our coverage. If you like what you see and want to support our efforts going forward, you’ll have the opportunity to do that somewhere down the road, but for now everything will be accessible to everyone.

I’ve started assembling a writing staff and already have a trio of talented youngsters in the fold in Sam Peterson, who previously worked with MPP and will cover the Southeast for us, Kevon Talley, a Phoenix-based scribe who will serve as our eyes and ears in the desert, and Noah Nofz, a terrific writer out of Houston, Texas, who also contributes at BP Milwaukee. I’ll also be looking for more help in the coming weeks and have a couple feelers out to some individuals who I think could be solid team members.

Thankfully, we’ll also have the help of the originators as well.

Just like when I took the mound back in the day and was always comforted to see Krause running down anything and everything behind me in center field, it’s very comforting to know that I also have his backing in this. We’ll have access to his fantastic photo library, which goes a long way in helping to punch up the written words, and both Brad and Marcus have agreed to help out on the writing side as their schedules allow as well, so it should make for a nice mix of old and new.

Obviously, with change, there are going to be some hiccups along the way, and the site is sure to look like a construction zone for the next few months, but if there’s one thing that we in Wisconsin are used to, it’s construction in the summertime. We appreciate your patience during this time and if you come across any broken links or things that aren’t working, feel free to drop me a line and let me know.

The trade deadline is fast approaching and, the last week or so aside, it’s been a great year to be a Brewer fan, so the coming weeks and months should be an exciting time around here. We look forward to breathing some life back into MPP and making it bigger and better than ever, and we hope that you’ll join/re-join us on the ride!

Thanks for your support,